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Coming soon... La Boutique will offer Miel et Lavande merchandise as well as the upcoming Provence Picnics line of picnic baskets and tableware. 

Below, I include links to online retailers selling products relating to the south of France, its cuisine and items for the home.  From kitchen-supply stores to noteworthy boutique brands, these sources have been hand-picked for their quality and convenience, because I use them myself and suggest you do too.  Be sure to mention M&L when making any purchases to get special gifts or discounts and send feedback on your experience!

If you are a retailer interested in selling M&L merchandise in your own store, or a vendor looking to showcase your Provençal goods in the Miel et Lavande Boutique, please email a proposal to 

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Summer 2012

Everyday Luxuries:

Tea Forté

Always a great lover of tea, I had seen these little pyramids before and thought they seemed a bit fussy and over-the-top but the truth is: I love the packaging.  Dr. France brought this set home one night with a selection of teas and despite my initial skepticism at having more clutter in the kitchen, I now use it everyday.  The pyramid is actually a brilliant way to manage the often messy tea-bag-removal process (it drains very well when tipped sideways, no squeezing necessary, and goes back to the square dish), and you can tell they did some legitimate brainstorming to think of everything you could possibly want to make an everyday activity into a luxurious yet practical experience.  And in case you thought the need for Tea Forté products was finished after your morning cup, check out my newest obsession: Cocktail Infusions

Lavender Citrus martini, anyone??  J’adore... Btw, so does Oprah.

Check it out:

Pick up this “Cafe-cup service” here.

*Mug is M&L ($15), spoon is Nespresso

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In the Kitchen:

La Boîte à Epice

With all of the hoopla surrounding the culinary scene in America, it is surprising that one very important aspect has been overlooked: SPICES!  Meet Lior Lev Sercarz

Technically, Lior and I never overlapped during our times working at Daniel – he used to be the head chef for the restaurant’s catering division, Feast and Fêtes – however his reputation for making incredible spice blends remained long after he left.  Sous chefs come and go, but recreating those spices was impossible... 

Fortunately, Lior’s next job was not at another restaurant, but rather establishing his own brand of custom blends to order.  It was then that we became friends during his frequent deliveries and meetings with the chefs to discuss new spice ideas and dishes. 

Since then, the business has expanded globally, including its own flagship store, La Boîte à Epice, in midtown Manhattan.  Also selling biscuits (cookies) and soon to branch out into chocolates, La Boîte is an important stop on New York’s culinary circuit and I promise you’ll be impressed!  Try out some of M&L’s great marinade & grill recipes using his spices...

Visit La Boîte NY Website

Read the JBF Award-Winning Article about Lior by Susan Choi

Photo from La Boîte a Epice Facebook page